How to Properly Invite People to Tailwind Tribes

How to Properly Invite People to Tailwind Tribes

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Do you have a blog post listing Tailwind Tribes people can join? Have people been mentioning that they haven’t been able to join some tribes even after they accepted?

You need to read this post! It’ll solve all your problems with invite links. I’ve also given some tips for how to create more human-friendly invites links for tribe owners who want their links shared.

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Tailwind Tribe Invites Quick Links

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The Tailwind Tribe Invite Problem

I see a lot of blog posts out there with lists of tribes for people to join, but the “invite links” actually point to the wrong URL. This leads to a lot of confusion, with people clicking on links, seemingly accepting the invite, but not seeing the tribe added to their account.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The whole invite system is set up in a somewhat confusing way, but it is still in alpha testing. It’s bound to have some quirks.

Fortunately, I have a couple solutions to help you invite members to your own tribes as well as make sure the links you’re posting to other tribes are actually true tribe invite links. It actually makes sense once you know what’s going on.

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How Invite Links Really Work

There are actually two parts to tribe invites; join and accept. The join part is what usually trips people up because they don’t realize it even exists.

A join link automatically redirects to the tribe acceptance page so you never really see it happening. Then the accept page asks you if you really want to join the tribe and gives you a few details about that tribe.

You have to go through the join link before you can truly receive a tribe invite.

What a Tailwind Tribe Invite Link Looks Like

Here’s to tell if you’ve got the right link. Tribe invites are really long and have a bunch of jibberish letters in them. They also include the word “join“.

This is what a tribe invite link looks like. This link is for my tribe, by the way, which you’re welcome to join if you blog or pin stuff about blogging, digital marketing, or running a small business.

If your link has the word “accept” in it, people will go through the process of accepting the invite, but they won’t actually be added to the tribe. They have to click a “join” link to be accepted.

Here’s the accept link for the same tribe:

How to Find the Right Invite Link

The only way you can get a proper invite link is through a tribe admin. If they’ve posted the link somewhere publicly, you can copy that link to send to someone else or use in your blog posts. I’ll show you how to do that later.

Please remember to respect a trip admin’s wishes regarding sharing their link. If they only want people in their Facebook group or in some other type of private community, don’t share the invite link without permission.

First, let’s take a look at how to get the invite link for tribes you manage.

How to Invite People to Your Tailwind Tribe

If you own a tribe, you have to get your invite link through the “Invite Members” button. It will open up a box and show you a link you can copy and paste.

How to Shorten Your Invite Link

Since the tribe link is so long, I like to shorten mine so it’s easy to remember and linking it doesn’t make a huge mess everywhere. You can do this with any link shortening service or on your own domain using a WordPress plugin called Pretty Link. Squarespace has a link redirect functionality built in as well.


How to Invite People to Tribes You Don’t Manage

It’s really important to get the right tribe invite link if you’re creating a link list of tribes for people to join. Otherwise you have a potentially great resource filled with a lot of links no one can use.

When grabbing an invite link, do not copy it from the URL bar. That will give you the accept link instead of the join link.

What you need to do instead is right click on the link and select an option that says something like “Copy link location” or “Copy link address“. The exact wording varies depending on which browser you’re using.

After copying the link, you can then paste it into WordPress or wherever you’re blogging from like you would any other link. Make sure this link has the word join and contains all the jibes, uppercase letters at the end of it.

So there you have it!

A complete guide to Tailwind Tribe invite links! I’m hoping this will help people create accurate invite links so those of us trying to join them aren’t left to search out an invite link that works or are just left wondering “hey, why didn’t this work?”

You can share this guide if you see people passing around the wrong links or would just like to educate your audience. I’m even working on creating a nifty graphic to go along with it.

If you have a Tailwind Tribes to Join post out there and you’ve been receiving comments from people who can’t join certain tribes, please check your links! More often than not, this is the problem.

Download this post as a PDF so you can read it later. Click Here!

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