How Bloggers Can Make Money with Maven Xchange

How Bloggers Can Make Money with Maven Xchange

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UPDATE: Maven has shut down as of October 8th, 2018. This post will be disappearing soon when I have some updated affilaite marketing resources.

Have you heard of Maven Xchange (Maven for short)? Many bloggers are calling it the Pinterest of Affiliate Marketing and with good reason. Just check out this embeddable product board.

You can create and share boards just like this by signing up as a blogger with Maven. This post includes all the ins and outs of how you can earn some affiliate dollars through the Maven platform. Click the button below or any link in this post to get started right away!

Maven Xchange Guide Quick Links

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What is Maven Xchange?

Maven is an awesome affiliate platform for bloggers who review and suggest consumer products. Maven connects with over 3,000 retailers with programs offering up a percentage of sales for purchased made through your Maven links.

The website is set up in a Pinterest style board format so it’s commonly referred to as “Pinterest + Affiliate Marketing” which is a pretty apt description.

You can share products and boards through email, social media, or your blog. You can also add products from outside the official Maven Retail Network to Maven boards, but you can’t use an affiliate link for them and won’t earn from any sales of that product (unless, of course, you actually own the product!).

Yes, that means not so great for me and my tech-based product suggestions. So here I am suggesting this tool to you instead.

For now, I’m saving it for whenever I actually have time to go back to my lifestyle blog. Hopefully, I will someday!

Ways You Can Earn Money with Maven

So here’s the big question: how do you earn money using Maven? Maven’s Earning Policy explains in detail the two ways you can earn: through sales commissions or by referring other users. You only need to make $20 to receive a payout. That’s better than a lot of places who require you to earn $50 or $100.

They also have Share Events, which are basically sponsored brand campaigns. These are invite only, but I’ll talk about how you can make yourself eligible for invites in a bit.

Let’s first talk about how commissions work!

Sales Commissions

Payout for sales goes 60% to you, 25% to your referrer (if you have one), and that leaves 15% to Maven. This is split from the overall commission paid to Maven for each sale (visit the Earnings Policy for an example).

Depending on the program, it may be better or worse for you to handle your affiliate links through Maven due to this commission breakdown. However, it does give you the opportunity to participate in some affiliate programs that might be more difficult to get accepted into if you were to apply directly.

If fact, you can skip the application process completely. Just sign up for Maven and get started. If you’re worried about having a certain number of monthly visitors or aren’t sure if you’re ready to apply for programs for other reasons, this is a great way to dip your feet in.

Share Events

Anyone can join and use Maven but there are bonus opportunities, Share Events, available based on what type of blog you run and the size of your following. This is why it’s so important to add all your social profiles to your Maven account.

Share Events allow you to earn money just by clipping and sharing products from the retailer sponsoring the event. These events are invite-only and to be considered for an invite, you must have your social media accounts connected to your Maven account. Being active and receiving a lot of sales will also increase your chances.

Share Events are sort of like sponsored posts. You get paid to create a board of products from a retailer (Maven suggests at least 5-10) and share it on your social media or blog (though a blog isn’t always required). Sharing requirements vary by event.

Once you’ve completed the event, you’ll receive payment within 7 days. Usually, offers start at $5-$100 per event, but I have seen one event with a $50-$500 payment range.

Keep in mind that these payments are separate from any commissions you earn from people purchasing through your links. So in addition to what you make from the Share Event, you could earn more if people buy from your shares.

User Referrals

Maven gives you $1 for every “Qualifying Account” and $10 referral bonus for each “Eligible Blogger” you refer. For blogger referrals, you receive the initial $1 once they sign up, and then the other $9 once they update their profile with their blog and social media info (so don’t forget to add yours when you sign up!).

Qualifying Accounts are new accounts made by users who are at least 18 years old and US residents (likely due to earnings/tax restrictions). Only 1 account is allowed per person.

An Eligible Blogger is someone who owns and updates a blog that fits within the Maven Community Guidelines, which is pretty basic stuff. No profanity, pornography, or graphic imagery.

You can view the exact terms of the Maven referral program here.

You also earn 25% of the total commission share from sales your referrals make for 9 months. This is an awesome way to earn some extra cash just by referring a some of your blogger friends or readers.

If you’re a business or blogging-blogger who helps out other bloggers, referring others is your best bet for earning with Maven. Sign up and suggest it to your readers!

It’s still great to use to share a few your personal faves or something. I know I’m definitely going to be adding items I want to use for costuming to several boards.

What Retailers are on Maven?

The more easily answered question is “who ISN’T on Maven?” You can find large retailers like Amazon and AliExpress, as well as small single stores. They have their full list of retailers available on the Maven website.

While there’s not much for bloggers who sell digital content, there are tons of options for those who talk about physical products.

How to Sign Up to Maven as a Blogger

Ready to join? Awesome! In order to get the BEST benefits from Maven, you need to make sure that after you sign up, you add at least one social network to your profile. The more you add, the higher your chances of being selected for Share Events.

Sign up with your email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. Once you have a Maven X account, you need to also sign up as a blogger so you can have the opportunity to participate in Share Events.

Edit your profile by clicking on the pencil icon in the second row of icons underneath your name. From here, you can edit your personal details, like display name and profile URL. In the next section, you should add all your social media accounts and your blog URL. There’s even a space for your shop URL if you have one.

How to Add Products to Maven Boards

Maven has three ways to add content to your boards; by pasting a URL, clicking a browser bookmark button, or saving from other people’s boards.

Here’s a video explaining how to install and use the Mavelet bookmark button to add products.

You can also add non-network products to your boards but remember that you CAN’T use your own affiliate links on Maven. It’s against their TOS.

How to Share Your Maven Affiliate Links

Now that you have some boards set up, you’re going to want to share those links! You can share boards or individual products with just a few clicks.

  • Embed a Maven board on your blog
  • Send a link through email or social media
  • Pin to Pinterest

Maven also has a get video on how to share your boards. Check it out!

Try Maven Xchange Now

Sign up now to easily get started with affiliate marketing, or to expand your access to over 3,000 retailers.

Don’t forget to enter your social details in your profile so you’re eligible for Share Events!

Is this your first time trying affiliate marketing? Get started the right way with my free Affiliate Marketing 101 email course! In 5 days, you’ll be ready to promote your favorite products.

Download this post as a PDF so you can read it later. Click Here!

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  1. Does Maven accept bloggers outside the US?

    1. Unfortunately not. At least not at this time. Maven acts as a go-between for affiliate programs, so this is probably because they only have a US based presence at the time. Might be worth shooting them an email to find out if they have any upcoming plans for international users. They are still very new!

  2. Hi Stephanie, just started out. Your post is on point. Learned a number of tips from it.

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