Free Facebook Messenger Bot Creators That are Perfect for Bloggers

Free Facebook Messenger Bot Creators That are Perfect for Bloggers

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Facebook Messenger bots have massively grown in popularity over the last year. I’ve been playing around with several different chatbot tools and creators to find something that does what I’d like my bot to do.

The possibilities are growing every day as new platforms are released and others are updated.

These are some of my favorite chatbot tools that are really easy to get started with and require no coding to use.

  • ManyChat is awesome for teaching or marketing.
  • Chatfuel is great for simple or complex bots.
  • Botletter is my suggestion for personal bloggers.
  • Sequel is an interactive story builder that’s perfect for writers.

Chatbot Builders for Bloggers Quick Links

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ManyChat is my favorite tool so far. It works a lot like an email autoresponder so it’s perfect for marketing. You can create sequences, deliver files or links, and promote new content, like blog posts or YouTube content.

The ManyChat interface is easy to understand and use. I’ve watched them update it so much over last few months and it’s really improved!

My only issue with ManyChat is that bots are permanently connected to a single page. There’s no way to connect to disconnect a specific bot template, nor can they be copied from one page to another.

ManyChat Pricing

ManyChat has both free and premium versions, starting at just $10 a month for 500 subscribers up to $145 for 25,000. If you need more than that, you can contact them.

You’re only billed for what you need each month. So if you lose a bunch of subscribers one month, you won’t have to pay the higher rate the next.

Free vs Premium

You can do most of the important things on the free version. There are some limitations, but if you can work within these, you can use ManyChat for an unlimited number of subscribers.

Limits for the free version include only up to 4 growth tools, 10 custom variables, and 2 sequences. On the premium version, there are unlimited.

The premium features are really tempting so it’ll be really hard not to buy in! In addition to the unlimited features I just mentioned, you have access to features such as connecting the bot to Facebook ads, Zapier integration, and removing ManyChat branding. You also get access to more sequences and options for collecting subscribers.


Chatfuel is a Facebook and Telegram bot creator that really excels at promoting your blog posts and delivering simple sequences.

I recommend it if you plan on creating simple sequences or just to use messenger to deliver an opt-in gift. Then you can send notifications for your new posts using your RSS feed.

Chatfuel’s interface can get really cluttered if you plan on having a complex bot. That’s the one thing that steered me away to from it and towards ManyChat.

I do like that you can use its integrations for free and it seems to be more friendly for sending out RSS updates for really active news blogs (several posts per day or week). I haven’t really played with it though so maybe that’s a Zapier thing or there’s some other trick to sending multiple posts at once instead of as they’re published.

Chatfuel Pricing

Chatfuel has a premium version called Chatfuel Pro, but you can access all their features for free. The premium version allows you to remove branding from the bot so people don’t know you’ve used Chatfuel to create your bot.

Chatfuel says they plan on releasing more Pro-only features, but at this time, removing the branding is the only feature available.

Chatfuel Pro starts at $30 per month. That cost goes up based on the total number of subscribers to your bot. There’s no limit on messaging.


Botletter is the absolute simplest solution for a Facebook Messenger powered newsletter. If you just want a bot to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, this is your best bet.

Your botletter is up and running in 5 minutes and you can start collecting subscribers. I even created my account using my phone. You can send out some text and up to 10 URL cards in each newsletter you send out.

Recommended Use for Botletter

I think Botletter is the perfect Facebook Messenger bot creator for personal bloggers who only need to send out notices occassionally. You don’t really need all the extra features other bot platforms have since you aren’t as focused on teaching or selling as business bloggers are.

I don’t recommend it if you ever see yourself using your bot for MORE than just newsletters, like sending out automatic post updates or creating mini-courses with a bot sequence.

If you ever do start doing these things, you’ll have to deal with trying to move subscribers from one chatbot platform to another. You can’t just import them like you would an email list. They’d have to subscribe all over again.

Fortunately, that’s not too difficult since you can connect more than 1 platform at a time. You can send a message with one platform to ask people to respond so they can be added to the new one.

Botletter Pricing

Botletter allows you to send up to 1,000 messages for free. After that, prices start at $23.50 per month for up to 5,000 messages (or $18.90 on the yearly plan).

Messages are counted by how many newsletters you send x how many subscribers you have. So if you have 100 subscribers and send a newsletter once a week, that’s 400 messages.

To get the most of Botletter for free, I suggest sending updates biweekly or monthly.


Sequel is an interactive storytelling chatbot builder that really takes bots past just being an awesome marketing tool. It connects to several different messaging platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, and Kik.

It’s not as straightforward as some of the other options mentioned above, but it does have some unique features specific to storytelling. You can create episodes, have different characters, and create complex sequences.

I’ve included Sequel because many bloggers enjoy creative writing. This can be an interesting way to tell a story using technology. I’d stick with one of the other tools if this isn’t your aim or you want something really simple.

Sequel Pricing

Sequel specializes in creating bots for others, so that’s how they make their money. They’ve opened up their platform for anyone to use completely free.

Other Platforms Worth Mentioning

These three are far from the only Facebook chatbot platforms out there. Here are a few I’ve come across that are worth mentioning in this post as well.

If you have any experience with any of these, feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

Create Your Facebook Messenger Bot

Are you ready to create your own Messenger chatbot? Pick one of the above platforms and start playing around!

ManyChat is my favorite because of its robust feature set. I also think Botletter is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Both of these are worth looking into if you’re curious about how your audience will respond to bots.

What’s your favorite bot platform? Are you looking to try one of these now that I’ve mentioned it? Let us know in the comments!

Download this post as a PDF so you can read it later. Click Here!

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