47 Canva Graphic Design Tutorials for Bloggers

47 Canva Graphic Design Tutorials for Bloggers

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Although Canva is an easy graphic design tool, there’s still a lot that can be learned from people who use it all the time. As more Canva features are released, they might go unnoticed or unused because they seem confusing to some.

I’ve compiled a list of several Canva tutorials that show you Canva tips and tricks, how to create specific designs, and also getting started tutorials. You’ll find most of the specific ones on the first page and more general tutorials on the second.

Create Better Designs

I’m also going to link to my Pinterest graphic design guide here because the stuff I talk about there can apply to any type of graphics, not just ones for Pinterest. I suggest giving it a read if you are completely new to graphic design and need to learn some basics to help you look like a pro.

Canva Design Templates

I also have a post listing some Canva-friendly design templates. These were either created specifically for Canva or they’re made out of JPEGs and PNGs so you can upload them to any graphic program, amateur or professional.

You can check out my post on purchasing design templates to find out how to shop for other templates on your own. Most template listings will specifically say which programs they’re compatible with, but I tell you how to spot Canva-friendly products for those that don’t.

47 Canva Tutorials for Content Creators

Here are the Canva tutorials! I’ve picked out a bunch of tutorials from some awesome bloggers. There’s a mix of text-based and video tutorials, though most have videos so you can easily follow along.

Have fun creating new designs!

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How to Create a Recipe Book in Canva

Calling all health nuts, fitness enthusiasts, whole-foods lovers, beach body badasses and any and all recipe creators! Are you wondering if and how you can use Canva to create stunning recipes for your peeps? The answer is YES, and I’m going to show you how.  

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