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BoardBooster Tribes: A New Way to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

BoardBooster Tribes: A New Way to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

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BoardBooster Tribes is the newest feature on the popular Pinterest scheduler that’s sure to boost your blog traffic from Pinterest. It’s easy to setup and once you have, it runs itself.

First, there were group boards, then Tailwind Tribes, and now BoardBooster has created their own Pinterest collaboration tool that uses their scheduling system to make sure every tribe member’s pins are promoted. Great news for all BoardBooster-using bloggers!

I just noticed this feature and I’m really excited to share it! I’ll be playing with it over the next few weeks so I can add more to this future ultimate guide to BoardBooster Tribes, but here’s what I’ve got figured out so far.

BoardBooster Tribes Quick Links

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What is a BoardBooster Tribe?

Not to be confused with Tailwind Tribes, BoardBooster’s tribe tool makes it easy to create a public or private grouping of individuals who all pin each other’s stuff.

The system is completely automated once you set up what boards you want to pin to and add pins to a tribe. BoardBooster will automatically pin to your boards from the tribe’s pool of available pins. This means that you do need to be a BoardBooster member to use tribes.

Here’s what it looks like from inside a brand new tribe:

How to Use BoardBooster Tribes
The dashboard for one of my tribes. It says 500 members, but I think its bugged.

How BoardBooster Tribes Work

BoardBooster Tribes have an interesting set of unique features. Most notably is how democratic they are. In order to add new members, change rules, or even add pins to some tribes, each change has to win a majority vote.

This way, no single person is the admin of a tribe. This is probably a great thing just to keep tribes going if someone becomes inactive for a period of time.

I think the best part of these tribes is that it does all the pinning for you once you set it up. I don’t have to keep going back through to schedule new pins.

That also means that it’s important to create tribes with super specific niches. You also need to be adding pins that only fit these niches.

It’ll make it easier on everyone since you won’t have to go through and delete pins that don’t fit the niche. I’m finding that all niche tribes don’t really work well due to the automatic pinning.

Anyway, let’s take an individual look at the BoardBooster Tribes features.

Shared Pool of Pins

Each tribe member can contribute a set number of pins to a group pool. BoardBooster will then automatically pick from this single pool of pins and publish them to the boards you set. You don’t have to worry about scheduling or pinning these yourself. Great, right?

When you pick which boards pins will go into, you also choose a window of time for pins to be published and how many times per day to pin to that board. It could be every day or you can set it for every 3 days or something.

Remember, you have to pin at least once a day for all tribes (this is the lowest you can set it for), but the minimum amount of daily pins is set in the tribe’s auto rules. If you don’t follow the rules, tribe members could vote to remove you.

Okay, TIME OUT! The fact that repins are guaranteed was enough to make me JUMP on the chance to get started with these tribes. So I’m just gonna to pop this sign up button down here for your convenience. If you’re not a member of BoardBooster already, click it and sign up now! Your first 100 pins are FREE.

Tribe Rules

There are two sets of rules in a BoardBooster tribe; auto-enforced rules and a content policy. Once the rules are set by the creator, the tribe must vote to change them.

The auto-enforced rules are things BoardBooster can handle automatically. Stuff like pin size, minimum pins per day, and the maximum number of pins a person can have in the group pool any one time (see the Creating Rules for Your Tribe section for the exact rules).

The second set of rules, the Content Policy, are things only humans can enforce. Rules you might find are no affiliate links, only pin your own content, or only add pins with a certain color scheme.

Follow the tribe rules or you could get flagged and voted out of the tribe.

Which brings me to my next topic, voting!


BoardBooster Tribes are set up to be pretty democratic. Everyone can vote on any rule changes, and depending on what rules are set, they can vote on what pins are accepted into the tribe and who can be in a tribe as well.

There are no official tribe admins. Everyone is a moderator!

If a tribe needs your vote, it mentions it on the tribes dashboard and in your daily or weekly emails sent out from BoardBooster. Remember to check often so you can get your say in and help out in tribes that require votes for members or pins.

All votes are recorded in the Voting History so all members can see what happened and when.

BoardBooster Tribes Content Policy Edit
Propose changing to tribe rules

Member Voting

Just like new pins, new members can be activated through voting. You can turn this feature on or off though in the auto rules.

If a member of your tribe is constantly breaking the rules, the tribe members can vote on kicking them out. To start the voting process, you click the little flag button beside a member’s name. You’ll then be asked to explain why you think that member should be removed.

Automated Pinning

BoardBooster Tribes will automatically save pins from a tribe to whatever boards you connect to each tribe. The tribe scheduler works just like the campaign scheduler.

I think auto pinning is huge. Unlike Tailwind’s tribes, BoardBooster does more to force people to pin the right number of pins from the tribe every day. People don’t have to manually add pins into their queue. Everyone is guaranteed to have their pins going out to each tribe member’s audience.

And of course, if someone isn’t pulling their weight for some reason, all tribe members will be notified and someone can initiate a vote.

Ways to Use a Tribe

  1. Pin with your own circle of friends
  2. Create a public tribe to help other bloggers
  3. Create a private tribe just for your students (see below)

What about private tribes?

Since tribes don’t have a single admin, private tribes will be a bit harder to maintain. Make sure you have a group of people that you trust and they won’t go around inviting just anyone.

You can set up private tribes but this just means it won’t show under the BoardBooster Tribe directory.

If you have a private tribe and you have any tips for running one, let me know! I’d love to share them.

Can I Use a BoardBooster Tribe for Free or without Scheduling Pins?

No. You have to be a member of BoardBooster for it to repin from the tribe and for your pins to be repinned by tribe members. Since it works automatically, there’s no way to make repins manually.

How to Create a New Tribe

Join and Create BoardBooster Tribes
BoardBooster Tribes Join and Create buttons

You can create a BoardBooster Tribe in 3 steps:

  1. Choose a name for your tribe
  2. Set the tribe’s rules
  3. Create a tribe policy

Once you create a tribe name you cannot change it. Rules and policy can be changed but ONLY by voting. After 3 members have been added to a tribe, rule changes will be voted on.

Creating Rules for Your Tribe

There are 8 rules you can set when you’re creating a tribe. Remember once you set these, you need a second person to vote on them, so unless you have a second BoardBooster account or a friend who can help you set them, get them right the first time.

This guide should be able to help you with that!

Automatic Rules

BoardBooster Tribes Rule Settings
Rules you can set for your tribes
  • Private or Open – Pretty self-explanatory. Private won’t show the tribe in the public directory of tribes. People will need a direct invite to join.
  • Approve new members – Set if you’d like new members to be voted on by the tribe or added automatically.
  • Max number of members – This only shows if you create a public tribe. It limits the number of members your tribe can have. You and adjust this number up to 100.
  • Max pins per member – Each person can add up to this many pins to the tribe. If they want to add more, they’ll have to delete one first.
  • Accept only Rich Pins – Only allow Rich Pins, also self-explanatory. BoardBooster suggests having this on for categories that already have a lot of Rich Pins.
  • Aspect ratio filter – Here you can allow only tall pins, tall or square pins, or disable it to allow any size pins.
  • Approve new pins – Auto approve pins added to the tribe or force new pins to go to a vote. BoardBooster suggests Voting for new or small tribes and Automatic for established, trustworthy groups.
  • Target daily volume – This is the minimum number of pins each tribe member must repin from the tribe each day. If someone isn’t pinning enough, BoardBooster will totally snitch on them and people can vote them out of the tribe.

Tribe Content Policy

The Content Policy is the second set of rules defining the type of content you want to be uploaded to your tribe.

BoardBooster gives these as an example:

1. This tribe is strictly for sharing gluten free dessert recipes.
2. No affiliate pins or 3rd party pins. Only pins that link to your own blog posts are allowed.
3. Original photography only. No stock photos or free photos.
4. Pin descriptions must be factual and free of personal opinions like “best cake I ever had”.
5. Descriptions must be in PG13 English, free of hashtags, emoji, or excessive uppercase.

Invite Your First Tribe Members

A tribe needs at least 3 members to be active, so start searching for people who might want to join your tribe. This could be a private grouping of people you know or you could search out members publicly through BoardBooster.

You can find new members by emailing your list, asking in Pinterest Facebook Groups, or creating a blog post introducing your tribe. Don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest, too!

Create an Application Form

Tribe members must be invited by a tribe member to join private tribes, so you need a way for people to contact you to ask for an invite for tribes you don’t want to share in the public directory.

The easiest way for both admins and future invitees is to use an application form. I love when I see forms!

You can use Typeform, Google forms, or your blog’s contact form to collect info from interested parties.

Organize your invite requests by sending each response to a spreadsheet using Zapier or IFTTT. This is a great time to also collect newsletter sign-ups and send email addresses straight to your email service.

How to Invite People to a BoardBooster Tribe

Invites to tribes with manual approval must be voted on by tribe members. That means you actually have to go to your tribe dashboard and invite people to a tribe. Don’t forget to check your daily or weekly emails from BoardBooster to check if a tribe needs your vote, or just remember to check the tribe dashboard.

To invite a new member, click the “Invite” button in the tribe’s dashboard. Enter their Pinterest URL (including the “” part) and hit invite.

How to Invite People to BoardBooster Tribes
Enter someone’s Pinterest URL here

BoardBooster will show that they’ve been invited the next time they visit the Tribes page. At the time I’m writing this, it doesn’t send out an email saying there’s an invite so you might want to let the person know it’s waiting for them. This might change though!

How to Join a BoardBooster Tribe

To join a tribe, you must either be invited to a private tribe or you can join public tribes from inside BoardBooster. Anyone can invite new members to any tribe and you can request to join open tribes.

I feel like I’ve said this a million times already, SO SORRY!


Invites are automatically accepted for brand new tribes with less than 3 members. Voting doesn’t start until after the 3rd member is added, if a tribe has voting for new members turned on. Unfortunately, this means that you could be invited to a tribe, but not get voted in.

Don’t let that deter you from trying to join tribes. If you don’t try, you’ll never get in. As long as you’re clearly not a spammer and create pins that follow the tribe rules, you should be fine.

Find BoardBooster Tribes to Join

Click the green “Join” button to open the directory of available public tribes.

How to Join BoardBooster Tribes
List of open BoardBooster Tribes

Find a tribe that you like and click the white “Join” button. It will give you the list of tribe rules and if you’re cool with them, you can accept! It’s that easy.

You’ll be voted in if a tribe requires voting but if it’ doesn’t, you can start using it right away.

Right now, tribes are really new, so there’s only a few tribes available. Start one and leave invites open if you don’t see what you need. There’s probably someone out there just like you!

Bloggers with Tribes

I know of a couple bloggers who have posts about their tribes, too. If you’d like your post with your tribe listed here, tell me in the comments!

Katie of Katie Mander Design & Social Media has tribes for social media, creative Business, and and all topics.

Her Paper Route also has a tribe available, which I think is also for all niches.

You can email these bloggers for invites, unless they’ve been recently been opened to the public. BoardBooster JUST released the public tribe directory so they might not be yet.

Tips for Being a Good Tribe Member

Here are some tips to help you improve your chances of being accepted into a tribe and staying a member.

  • Have an active BoardBooster account
  • Create vertical pins
  • Create readable pins
  • Have Rich Pins enabled
  • Apply for tribes related to things you pin/your blog niche
  • Be active on Pinterest

How to Add Pins to BoardBooster Tribes

All right, this guide is almost done, I promise! Just two more things to mention.

This next one is pretty important. I’m sure you’d love to actually add your pins to tribes, right?

In your tribe dashboard, click the “Upload” button in the My Pins area. It will bring up this box.

How to Add Pins to BoardBooster Tribes
Add your pin URLs in here!

All you need are the URLs of the pins you want to add. This window also tells you how many pins you can add.

People will vote for your pins, if voting is turned on, and then they’ll be added to the group pool for publishing! Super easy.

How to Flag Rule Breakers

This system only works if everyone is doing their part to make sure they add the right pinsYou don’t want off topic pins on your board and neither does anyone else.

You can flag pins and people to be voted on for removal if they’re breaking the rules or posting too many off topic pins.

How to Flag People

Click the gray flag beside their name and details. This will ask you if you’re sure you want to flag this person and start the voting process if you say you are.

How to flag people in BoardBooster tribes
Click the flag to start the vote

How to Report Pins

First, click on the number of pins someone has uploaded, it will say something like “12 pins” or “4 pins” – however many they’ve uploaded.

You’ll then get this box, shown below, and all you have to do is hover over the pin you want to flag and then click the orange flag.

How to flag pins in BoardBooster tribes
Hover and click the orange flag to report

Sorry Katie!! Of course, I didn’t report her. Her pins are super pretty and on topic! Kinda jealous, tbh.

Notice how it also give you a little preview of the pin description. Pretty cool!

BoardBooster Tribes Recap

Yay, we’re all done and now you know just about everything about BoardBooster Tribes! I’ll be watching the developments of this feature as it… well… develops. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated!

Let’s take a look back at what we’ve learned.

If you have a post with info about your tribes and you’d like it listed here on this post, please let me know in the comments! This probably won’t be as necessary since you can browse tribes from inside BoardBooster.

Download this post as a PDF so you can read it later. Click Here!

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  1. I just noticed this in my Boardbooster login but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the details! I’m going to test some out this week.

    1. Awesome! Glad it was useful. Good luck!

  2. This was SO helpful! I recently just started joining a few tribes and adding my content to them. Such a good idea, especially now that Tailwind is charging for their tribes. Thanks for the detailed and informative post!

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